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14 Rings  

12 All Breed 2 Specialty


Laurie Patton

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​Celery City Cat Club

Debbie Lopeman

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Sanford is so happy to have a cat show back in town

Our Judges
Nancy Parkinson, SPNancy Parkinson, AB
Al Walbrun, ABLynn Sherer, AB
Debbie Lopeman, ABBarbara Ray, AB
Chris Unangst, ABRob Seliskar, SP
Rene Knapp, ABCarol Lawson, AB
Clint Knapp, ABSteve Lawson, AB
Laurie Patton, ABDavid Nudleman, AB

Carol Lawson

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Rene Knapp

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TICA Allbreed Cat and Household Pet Show

SE Region last show of the season April 28-29, 2018

Only TICA show East of the Mississippi 

Barbara Ray

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Rene Knapp


Nancy Parkinson

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Steve Lawson

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Chris Unangst

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David Nudleman

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Patty Mahany

Vice President

What to Expect

Celery City Cat Club will encourage adoptions and support Sanford's local cat rescue

Lynn Sherer

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Terri Harris


Clint Knapp

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​Al Walbrun

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Rob Seliskar

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